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Elle P. Studio FAQs

Oly Keskinidis
 Elle P. Studio FAQs

Do I need a commercial license if I’m using your artwork to create a logo, Facebook cover, website header?

It depends. If you are creating for yourself or your business, then a commercial license is not needed. However, if you are a website designer and are creating something for a client, then a commercial license is needed. For more information on how our licensing works, please visit this page.

Does licensing come with the artwork?

 Yes! As of 7/1/2019, all Elle P. Studio artwork does include a small license. which allows you to sell one product for up to 350 sales. or more information on how our licensing works, please visit this page.

Do you offer customs?

At this moment we are not offering custom illustrations.

Can I send friends a “Baby Elle Doll” (or any file) as a gift?

Files can not be gifted, loaned, shared, re-sold, claimed, transferee, copied, or given away. This includes "Happy Mail". When you purchase Elle P. Studio artwork, that artwork is licensed to ONE user, whether you intend on using the artwork as personal use, or commercial use. Printing a die cut, and sending it as Happy Mail is not allowed. 

Can I add text to my Elle doll?

You can as long as you have purchased the file yourself. You can not however, do this for others if they have not purchased the file. 

Can I change the artwork? For example, add a nose to the Elle Doll? Or change her outfit?

No ,you can not. The reason is because we then get clients asking for the same version, and unfortunately, we can not offer them that.

What products can I NOT create for commercial use using your artwork?

  • -T-Shirts/Apparel / Totes/ Handbags

  • -Mugs/Drinkware

  • -Notebook covers (Planner Dashboards are okay)

  • -Stationery (Notepads/Notebooks/Journals/Sticky Pads, etc.)

  • -Cellphone covers/accessories

  • -Art prints (physical or digital are not allowed)

  • -Graphic packages/Downloads (aka Business card templates, pre-designed logos, etc)


Along with the items mentioned above, Elle Dolls can not be used to make commercial products other than Planner dashboards/covers, or planner stickers. 

Clipart (not Elle Dolls) used to create commercial products, can not make up 100% of your final design. 

Commercial Stationery items include:

Calendars, Gift Tags, Notepads/Notebooks/Journals/Sticky Pads, etc. 

If there's an item you don't see mentioned here, please just contact us for approval!

Can I create digital planner stickers with your artwork?

As long as the art files can not be retrieved from your digital download, then that is fine. For example, the artwork must be layered and locked over a pattern/background. Our artwork can not be offered on a transparent background, or as is.

Can I use you art to make planner stickers that I plan on selling?

YES, as long as the correct licensing has been purchased. For more information on how our licensing works, please visit this page.

Are the fonts used as "place holders" included?

Unfortunately, they are not. We do not sell our illustrations as layered PSDs.

Are all files in PNG format?

Some are, some are not. Please read all listing to make sure you are aware that what you are purchasing has either a white background or transparent background.

Do I need commercial licensing for personal use?

No, you only need a commercial license when you plan on using the artwork for commercial purposes. If you are purchasing the artwork to make yourself something, and do not plan on selling it, then you only need to purchase the artwork - you do not need to purchase additional licensing. 

How many commercial licenses do I need to purchase?

It depends on how many products you plan on selling using our artwork . For more information on how our licensing works, please visit this page.

I don’t want this file anymore, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of these files, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not offer returns/refunds/cancelations.

Can you make this Elle Doll have pink hair?

Unfortunately, all of our artwork comes as is. We try our best to included as many variations as we can.

What happens if I'm caught using your artwork and haven't bought the correct commercial licensing?

Failure to purchase the correct commercial licensing will result in a copyright infringement notice filed with Etsy, as well as full payment of over-due commercial licensing fees, which will be charged at a default rate of $100/per each listing of artwork that was used without correct commercial licensing. By purchasing Elle P. studio artwork, you are agreeing to our terms of use.

Do I need licensing if I'm pre-selling and don't know how many items I'll end up selling?

Once you realize you've pre-sold or exceeded 350  products, then you may "Upgrade" your licensing. For more information on how our licensing works, please visit this page.

Does this Elle Doll come in a darker skin tone?

Unless indicated in the listing description, she most likely does not. This is because she is an older illustration. However, we do offer lots of Elle Dolls in various skin tones / hair colors. Simply select the category “Baby Elle Dolls”, “Task Elle Dolls”, or “Elle Dolls” to see our entire collection!

I live in China, and can’t use any Google services to access the files- Can you send them via email?

Unfortunately, our files are too large, so regardless if we email them to you, Google automatically converts them to a Google drive link. Due to the high resolution of our artwork, there is no way around this. 

Can I purchase your files and send to a friend to print and cut for me?

Unfortunately, our digital files can not be shared, loaned, transferred, etc. , However, there are plenty of shops that sell our files as die cuts! Simply search “Elle P. Studio on Instagram or Etsy to see what shops are selling our art as stickers/die cuts.

Can I change the dolls outfit, or color of clothing item to make her exclusive to my shop?

If you would like to inquire about exclusivity licensing, please message us on Etsy for a price quote.

I sent you a message/comment via Instagram but you have not replied?

Unfortunately, we do not look at our DMs on Instagram often. If you would like to reach us, please do so via Etsy. 

I sent you a message last night and I haven’t heard back...

Please understand that we do our very best to reply to everyone in a timely manner during our business hours, which are Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. . During sales, we get bombarded with lots of questions, so please allow us 48-72 hours to get back to you :)

I can't get my printer to print your files, can you help? 

Unfortunately, due to the vast array of computer programs/printers, and no knowledge of the program you are using or what error message you are receiving, we can not help with computer/printer related problems. We do however have a troubleshooting article here.

I can’t download the files - Can you help?

If you have a problem accessing the Google Drive link we have provided you with, please double check that you do not have an ad blocker enabled and that you have access to the internet.  We make sure to TRIPLE check that ALL of our Google Drive links are working prior to releasing. Sometimes, simply closing out your browser or restarting your computer can fix any issues you might have downloading files from the internet. 

If you have searched on Google and can’t seem to find a resolution, please message us and we will do our very best to help you. 

I do not want to waste my colored ink - Could you send the files in black and white?

Rather than us do this, you can simply change your printer settings to print in black and white :)

I see the Google Drive link in the file I downloaded from Etsy, but I can't click on it, can you help?

If you can't click the link simply highlight it, copy and paste right into your web browser's address bar :)